Paul Davis

Born 1962 in Somerset, England.
Has had many exhibitions and gives talks worldwide.
Lives and works in East London but would rather live on the Amalfi Coast in Italy.
If there was no design, all of us would be living in total chaos. Design helps to tame the chaos: sometimes with prosaic indifference and sometimes with flair and imagination. Designers are the visual police; some are brutal, some see and understand the whole picture. It never fails to amaze me how design works; from tiny corner-shop receipts, through magazines, newspapers, posters and catalogues to packaging, town planning etc. etc. etc. and then worldwide branding for a huge global conglomerate in different languages for different cultures. 
Design helps and design sells and sometimes can radiate a feeling of enormous well-being.

Clients include: IBM; Mercedes; The New Yorker; New York Times; Eye Magazine; Ryuichi Sakamoto; Soar London; Colette; Vogue; Art Rview; Art and Auction; The Wapping Project; Browns Design.
Best Illustrator Working Today from readers of Creative Review.
Cartoonist of the Year.
His book Blame Everyone Else (Browns) won printed book of the year.
He also won a Clio Award at Cannes for work on the IBM Magic Box campaign.
Numerous others, too many to mention.

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