Morning Breath

Morning Breath is Doug Cunningham and Jason Noto. In 1996, the two worked together as the in-house design department at Think Skateboards in San Francisco. There, they began a style of collaborating that would take them into the next decade.
In 2002, Cunningham and Noto formalized their partnership with the creation of Morning Breath, Inc, a boutique studio located in Brooklyn, NY. Since Then, their collaborations have grown beyond skateboard/snowboard graphics to include, music packaging, apparel, advertising, poster design and more. The two have also been part of many showings of their personal work.
Today, Doug and Jason split their creative energies and time between commercial and personal work. Over the last decade the two have been nominated for a grammy, showcased in numerous design books/publications, and have been invited to speak about, and show  their work around the globe.


FÅ«jin - Fujin

El Jefe

Luchador - El Jefe


Luchador - Gigante


Luchador - Malo


Luchador - Rey

Gato Loco

Luchador - Gato Loco


Luchador - Inferno


Luchador - Temblor


Luchador - Diamante

Luchador Cartons

Luchador Cartons

Luchador poster

Luchador Poster

Luchador t-shirt

Luchador T-Shirt