Dave Bravenec

Owner and creative director Dave Bravenec received a BFA in graphic design from the University of Houston, Texas and a MFA in graphic design from the California Institute of the Arts.
In 2010, Dave restarted Braveland as a new studio. Its mission is to develop design projects that are environmentally conscious and to educate the client for a better, greener tomorrow. Dave has also been creating self-published print projects for Braveland, a graphic design studio located in Pasadena, California that specializes in innovative solutions for print, web, identity/branding and eco-products.


Mod - Gamay

Pinot Gris

Mod - Pinot Gris


Suxx - Shiraz

Mod Carton

Mod Carton

Mod T-shirt

Mod T-Shirt

Suxx Carton

Suxx Carton

Suxx poster

Suxx Posters

Suxx t-shirt

Suxx T-Shirt

Buzz Bang Boom

Buzz Bang Boom