Gail Swanlund

Gail Swanlund’s work lives at the intersection of real world practice of graphic design and design as art form, with a deep respect for natural and supernatural systems. Her creative work is recognized, awarded, and shown world-wide; published in numerous design anthologies; and exhibited as part of SF MOMA’s permanent collection. She lectures widely and her workshops are often co-taught with performing artists and musicians. The bulk of Swanlund’s collaborative text-and-image based work has been with artists, writers, and graphic designers. A full time faculty member and former co-director of the design program at CalArts, Swanlund also holds a seat on the board of DesignInquiry, a non-profit educational collective whose mission is to cultivate cross-disciplinary discourse and research of design.

Shiraz Rosé

Bon Bon Rosé - Shiraz Rosé

Wombat wine