Possibly my favorite label from James Jean and one of my favorite images he's done.  The idea for this wine came to me from a beautiful woman at a wine dinner I did with Julian Van Winkle in Lexington.  She simply said to me, "Honey, you should make a wine called Precious."  It struck me then and there that Precious would be my reserve wine.  I decide upon an old vine Syrah from Southern Spain, in Jumilla. I was fortunate to stumble upon a profound vineyard.  Extending aging a French oak barresl led to this:  Violets, vanilla, fresh organic cream, blueberries, toasty wood, super-soft, elegant, silky tanins.  Very long finish and persistence of aroma and flavor.  A wine with potential for aging and longevity but approachable and expressive now.


Wine: Syrah

Place: Jumilla, Spain

Winery: Petit Hameau, Spain

Designer: James Jean, Los Angeles.  Mr. Keedy, Los Angeles.

Availability: Currently available in the US and Europe, but limited.